How to Buy a Business, How to Sell a Business

Buying a Business - Selling a Business Guides


Buying a Business - Selling a Business Guides

Is there a small-business owner who has never considered selling his business? Probably not. Is there an individual with some money, talent, or an urge for independence (often only the last) who hasn't thought about owning his own business?

The number of small businesses actually bought and sold, however, represents only a small fraction of those who have felt these urges. To many people, the desire to buy or sell is only a passing thought.

Others find various ways to solve their problems or satisfy their ambitions. But sometimes an individual doesn't follow through because he finds the prospect of buying or selling a business too baffling.

The objective of this section is to describe the process of buying and selling a small business and to establish some guidelines. It will not remove the difficulties, but it will make them more manageable.

This section presents an outline to buying and selling factors as well as the necessary procedures for structuring transactions, negotiations and settlements.