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Home Based Business Guides


Home Based Business Guides

What's the perfect business for you? You've listed your skills. You've outlined your interests. You've described your family's preferred lifestyle. You've come up with a business idea. Next, consider such questions as: Are there customers for my product or service? How do I know? How will I find them? Who are my competitors? What will I charge? How will I promote my product or service? Finding the answers to these questions is the challenging and sometimes tedious homework that will help you determine your chances for success, and whether you should look for another more marketable idea.

Though untrained entrepreneurs have traditionally had a high rate of failure, home businesses can be profitable. Success in small business is not an accident. It requires both skills in a service or product area and acquisition of management and attitudinal competencies.

The following home based business guides will help you start and manage your own successful home business: