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Compare Student Loan Consolidation Interest Rates

Here are some tips and advice that will help you make your loan Consolidation a success. First let us explore what loan Consolidation is and what it isn't. basically loan consolidation is actually taking a personal loan that is aimed at paying off all other high interest loans (for example: credit cards). With this loan you pay off all the other loans and make one payment instead of many. The idea is that one loan payment is usually lower than the combined outstanding loans you are paying off and the interest rates are lower. the main object is to obtain a low interest rate loan with affordable monthly payments, without adversely affecting your credit rating or risking your other assets. In addition the new lender takes over all of your other debt and will usually prevent any further collection attempts from creditors.

The first step in your trip to make the most of your loan consolidation program is to shop around for a loan Consolidation service that will fit your needs and give you the most benefits. Simply put it, you need to compare services of different companies before you make a decision. Each loan consolidate service provider may specialize in a different type of loans. By shopping around you could literally save considerable amount of money. You should get quotes from at least three sources.

The fact that you need a loan consolidation program may be a hint of you having some unfavorable spending habits. It is now the time to consider changing your spending habits. Why? because if you don't spend less the consolidation will be of no help. You must be prepared to change your spending habits. Don't make the same mistakes again. You should prepare yourself to cut up the credit cards you love so much and start paying with cash. You must consider to work on a monthly spending budget and stick to it. Most debt build-up comes from bad habits; this is why it's important to find a long term solution and take control of your finances.

A good option you may want to consider is making a loan program that is based on a interest only home equity line of credit. Why? because with this type of loan, you may only have to pay the interest on the loan for a certain amount of time, which can make the payments a lot easier to afford.

Before you sign up with a specific loan firm it will be a good thing to check out the company with the better business bureau or other third party to make sure they have a good record. You can also check that firm by performing a search on Google, look for complaints or any bad publicity.

Pay attention to the actual interest rate you are being offered, shop around and compare several loan service providers, you will be surprised at the different terms offered at various firms. Take what best fits your specific situation.

A Negotiation Tip: A common-sense, but still effective negotiating tactic is to make it appear that you will not readily accept the other side's proposition. Playing hard to get can also take the form of not granting concessions to the other side. Job finding is one aspect of work in which playing hard to get is very important. The applicant who is overly anxious to land employment may meet with less success than the applicant who remains mildly aloof. "I might be interested under the right circumstances," is a more effective tactic than, "Please let me have the job. I'll begin as soon as you want."

Does playing hard to get work in an era when pleasing the customer has become more important than ever? Playing hard to get is still effective because it capitalizes on a basic principle of human nature. People typically are drawn to objects they cannot readily obtain. If you maintain a mystique about your product or service it can often give you the edge. Pete Kroll sells life insurance and other investments. He continues to be a top producer in life insurance although people today are faced with a baffling array of investment opportunities. Pete has been using the same hard-to-get tactic for thirty years and it still works.

When Pete finds an individual or couple interested in one of the several types of life insurance offered by his firm, he begins his hard-to-get routine. His typical pitch takes this form: "I see that you are interested in a $100,000 whole life policy. I can understand why you would be. Not only does it provide good financial security for your family, it pays an unusually high rate of return. But don't get too excited yet. Our underwriters are very particular about who is eligible to receive such a policy."

At this point the prospect usually inquires about what could possibly disqualify him or her. Pete continues, "Our company turns down people for many reasons. Of course, the physical exams are more thorough than ever today. You would be surprised how many upstanding people have contracted blood diseases they never imagined they had. The credit check is also pretty thorough. We only insure good credit risks. I have also seen people turned down for various 'bad habits' that a background investigation might reveal.

"From the information you have given me so far, you appear to be a good risk. But I can't guarantee that. I can only forward your application to the home office. Let's all keep our fingers crossed."

Pete may sound corny to you, but his tactic works. He is wealthy, and much of the edge he has gained comes from keeping others on edge. He casts self-doubts in his prospects. Pete claims that when their application is approved, they often breathe a sigh of relief. They feel fortunate to be declared a good medical risk and to have a good credit rating.
Many prospects are also relieved to know that some dark secret from their past has not blocked their application for life insurance.

Playing hard to get can also be accomplished through body language. A recommended tactic along these lines is to flinch at the first demand or offer. Flinching puts the other side on notice that the person's demand or offer is unacceptable. The other side is then put on the defensive and will often move toward a more flexible negotiating posture?

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