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Postcard Collection Appraisal Guide - Collectible Postcards

Postcard Collection Appraisal Guide


Postcard Collection Appraisal Guide

From the 1880s until the 1920s, collecting postcards was just a popular hobby. Now, interest in postcards is growing rapidly. Price range: Most cards that collectors want are still under one dollar. Yet prices are rising. The most desirable ones have gone up 25 % each year for a decade. Some are now considered investment vehicles. Examples: An Alphonse Mucha postcard, advertising the bicycle product Waverly Cycles, sold for $3,000, a record.

Building a collection: Start with a theme. It could be history, fashion, or street scenes.

Criteria for choosing: Condition is very important. The card should be clean, with no creases, tears, or missing pieces. In the U.S. before 1907, it was illegal to write anything but the address on the back of a card. For collec¬tion purposes, if writing appears on the front, in a space reserved for it, fine. But if a message is scrawled over the picture, that lowers the value. See postcard collection for more information.

Keeping the collection in shape: Most are stored in shoe boxes, but shoe-box paper is not acid-free. (Acid destroys paper.) Albums should be of acid-free paper, too. As to the new albums, with clinging plastic sheets that hold a card in place, we don't know how effective they are for storing postcards. I keep my cards loose, in steel filing cabinets, and handle them very carefully, with clean hands.

Sets and series: In general, each card of a complete set is worth 1 Vz times more than a single of that set.

Expensive categories:
Foreign propaganda postcards. Example:
The bigoted cartoons made in Germany after Adolf Hitler came to power. Incidentally, Hitler had artistic approval of all cards made in Ger¬many. Either the cards pleased him, or they weren't printed. Cost: $25 and up.
Art Nouveau and Art Deco advertising images. Cost: $8 to $20 each.

Finding cards: Card collecting is international. Hobby clubs are everywhere. Our club meets monthly and has a newsletter, guest speakers, and card exchanges. We sponsor two shows a year.
Selling cards: If you have inherited a sizable collection, take it to a show or a dealer. Dealers are hungry for good merchandise.
The hottest collectibles: Photo postcards.
They were usually taken amateurishly by family members. The developing was done at home, and the cards were printed on postcard-backed printing paper. These cards flourished from the turn of the century up until the 1940s. The least desirable in this hot category are photos of proud parents with their new baby. They are in the one dollar range. A fine example: A butcher shop, with the butcher posed with his wares. Value: $10 to $15.

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Below are a few random ideas from one postcard collector. These suggestions come in no specific sequence. For those who have a few other suggestions which you want to see included, send an e-mail to me. in case you locate suggestions here which need enhancement or corrections, I would like to understand that also. What follows are meant to be propositions that were helpful.

Clearly these details will not be all-inclusive. All these are just several suggestions I offer to support collectors to relish their avocation. Here goes:

If there is a postcard club available for you join. Then form one if no postcard club can be obtained where you reside. This monthly assembly will definitely give you support, advice, as well as postcards for the group.

Buy a postcard if it fits into your financial plan, when you visit it that you'd enjoy to your group. Yet it fits into your financial plan if you believe it's overpriced, purchase it. Hereis the bargain. Two things will occur, in case you view a card you want and don't purchase it. 1. You'll be sorry you didn't purchase it. 2. You won't ever see another postcard. So when faced using a postcard you aren't sure about--- not to purchase---think about it or to purchase, then purchase it. You give it to somebody else or can sell it to some other collector.

A Place - As a postcard collector, you'll have to set a place in your house where you are able to safely keep and get your postcard collection. This area needs to have sufficient space accessible so that it is easy to reach your stuff. The space can begin little and get bigger. Intend on it becoming bigger through time. It may be a part or it may also be an entire room. Drawers or all file boxes needs to not be inaccessible. You will need to immediately get your postcards when you've got a postcard idea.

Establish Sum - Purchasing postcards may not be cheap. Confirm the most you'll be able to fit into your financial plan. Maintain track of your outgo. Quit once you have reached your limit. However do make an effort to invest your budget sum.

Do not Buy Into The Greater Idiot Scheme - When the cost of an item is not ridiculously low, attempt to avoid purchasing it believing it'll be worth more after. The trouble with this particular thinking is you could get stuck with high priced things that may never sell to anyone. This makes you the closing fool in the more idiot sequence.

Keep a variety of postcard sleeves to work with to secure your postcards. Cards kept without sleeves are likely to get soiled through time. That is not undesirable.

Postcards will remain in great condition provided the will not be exposed to high humidity and temperature extremes. Additionally, cards shouldn't be subjected to light on a regular basis. Colours will disappear, paper will mildew and fox . All them are not good. The aim would be to maintain cards. Use just archival pages in case you place cards. And prevent the photograph albums that have some kind of tacky stuff to them. That is not actually good for postcards.

The number of cards accessible may be overwhelming while attending postcard shows. Therefore, if you've got an inventory of the kind cards you would like, it is possible to concentrate to the. Subsequently when dealers will be able to help you locate something when they ask, you will have your list. Do not gather just one classification. This may subscribe to disappointment. Have a long set of postcards you'd enjoy.

Clean Cards Attentively - Prevent vigorous cleaning techniques for those who own a postcard with scattered pencil marks. A pencil mark is not as offensive than a card having a missing corner as a result of cleaning or than a fold. A battery used eraser could be an excellent investment. A variety of eraser kinds is not useless. Art gum erasers appear to function as the most effective kind to work with. Test lightly.

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