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The 10 Funniest Videos on YouTube

If you've ever found yourself in need of a quick pick-me-up or a dose of laughter therapy, you've undoubtedly stumbled upon the wacky world of YouTube's funniest videos. Here, we're about to embark on a side-splitting journey through the top 10 gems that the vast YouTube universe has to offer.

1. Cruise on the S.S. Rumpo: Benny Hill

2. Your name, sir? Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry

3. It's Easier to Get Into Mexico than Costco: Jimmy O. Yang

4. Interview with an Applicant

5. Science Presentation: SNL

6. Fluffy Goes To India: Gabriel Iglesiass

7. Famous Funny Commercials
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8. Dave Gets Oprah Pregnant: Chappelle’s Show
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9. On a Date: Mr. Bean
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10. The World’s Worst Translator: Alternatino
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