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Are You Making Any of These 10 Deadly Small Business Mistakes?

These traps/mistakes are common to many entrepreneurs and small business owners:

1. Getting Wedded To an Idea And Sticking With It Too Long.
Don't marry a single idea. Remember, ideas are the currency of entrepreneurs. Play with many ideas and see which ones bring money and success.

2. No Marketing Plan.
A marketing plan creates the kind of attention you need to get in front of the right types of people, companies, etc. It is what attracts people to you! There may be as many as 25 ways to market your business at no or low cost. A good marketing plan implemented effectively, efficiently, elegantly and consistently, will eliminate the need for "cold calls!" (See below for how to create a results driven marketing plan).

3. Not Knowing Your Customers.
Changes in your customers' preferences and your competitors' products and services can leave you in the dust unless you get to know your customers well, what they want now and will likely want in the future, what their buying patterns are, and how you can be a resource for them even if you don't have the right products or services for them now! (See below for low cost techniques to gather facts about your customers and the people you'd like to have for customers).

4. Ignoring Your Cash Position.
The world (aka customers) doesn't respond to even superior products in the timeframe that you think they should. You'll need plenty of cash to sustain yourself in the meantime. (See below for how to forecast your cash needs and protect yourself from cash crisis situations).

5. Ignoring Employees.
Motivating, coaching and managing your staff is probably one of your toughest challenges as an entrepreneur/business owner today! Without your patience, persistence and "people skills," your problems can multiply quickly. Morale, productivity AND PROFITS can easily be destroyed! (See below for how to get your employees' full commitment to job performance).

6. Confusing Likelihood With Reality.
The successful entrepreneur lives in a world of likelihood but spends money in the world of reality.

7. No Sales Plan.
Without a sales plan, there's no serious way to gage the financial growth and progress of your business. You need a realistic map for where the sales will come from, how they'll come and from whom.

8. Being a Lone Ranger.
You might be the key to everything BUT you cannot DO everything and grow at the same time. Even modest success can overwhelm you unless you hire the right staff and delegate responsibility. (See below for effective delegation techniques)

9. No Mastermind.
Get an advisory board or a mentor! Sounds crazy for a small operation? It's not! The board can be family members that you trust, or friends. Ask them to be your board of directors and review your business plans and results with them. Having someone to bounce ideas off and get an objective opinion is critical.

10. Giving Up.
Some of the most successful entrepreneurs failed several times before doing extremely well. So, if you're failing, fail. And fail fast. And learn. And try again, with this new wisdom. Do NOT give up. Yet, do not suffer, either.

The Secret of Making Money
With Your Small Business

It was Scott Fitzgerald who observed, "The rich are different from us."

It was Ernest Hemingway who then shot back, "Yes. They have more money."

But money isn't all that the rich have more of, they also have more worries... before you accept this invitation to move up higher financially, you may want to consider some of the pros and cons:

of being rich

You'll start hearing from long-lost cousins looking for loans.

You won't be able to get away with sending the Red Cross just $10.

Total strangers will corner you to ask which stocks to buy.

You'll have to dress for the opera.

Whenever you throw a dinner party, you'll be expected to provide valet parking.

No guest will ever again show up bearing a bottle of wine.

Political candidates will want to be introduced to you.

None will want voters to see you together.

You'll feel obligated to buy the Forbes 400 issue each year to see if you've made the list of America's richest.

of being rich




You'll have tons of money.

So, now then. Do you really still want to be rich? You do? Great! because I am going to give you some tips and techniques that will help you succeed and make lots of money with your small business...

...but first let me reveal to you the one ingredient that will determine the fate of your success.

The Single Most Important
Ingredient for Business Success

The first and most important thing you need to acquire in order to succeed in a small business is... knowledge.

Sounds exaggerated? Listen to this...

According to research conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, 90% of all small business failures can be traced to poor management resulting from lack of knowledge.

Introduction to Management and Business Planning Video

This is backed up by my own personal observations. In my 23 years as a business coach and consultant to small businesses, I've seen practically dozens of small business owners go under and lose their businesses -- not because they weren't talented or smart enough -- but because they were trying to re-invent the wheel rather than rely on proven, tested methods that work.

Conclusion: if you are really serious about succeeding in a business... If you want to avoid the common traps and mistakes... it is absolutely necessary that you acquire the right knowledge.

Here's How I'm Going to Help You Instantly
Improve Your Business Profitability

I am going to share with you some of the best kept secrets in the small business community: The methods, the techniques and the "dirty little tricks" that make it possible for an elite core of small business owners to take the lead and see their sales and profits explode. These are the same proven and tested techniques that my clients pay me $630 an hour to hear.

You'll be saving time and money, avoiding mistakes and disastrous situations, and learning secrets other business owners only wish they knew.

Here are a few things I discuss that will start putting a lot of cash into your pocket every month:

How to determine the feasibility of your business idea. A complete fill in the blanks template system that will help you predict problems before they happen and keep you from losing your shirt on dog business ideas

Do you need new customers for your business? If you do, then here's a great idea that has worked magic for businesses. I'll show you this little known, yet extremely effective ten-step strategy to locate and find new customers. This same formula helped one client of mine to increase his customer base by 46% last year.

What to do when you work your tail end off on a marketing campaign and it bombs? A unique method will help you find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

A complete step by step guide guaranteed to help you increase your profits by up to 64%, I call it "The Profit Planning Guide". This is a simple, practical, common sense strategy, but amazingly enough, almost no one understands or uses it.

Five things most all business owners do wrong that actually hurt their business badly. Are you your own worst enemy? If you are, don't worry. You can easily cure these common ailments in only an hour or two.

A complete step-by-step organized program for cutting costs in your business. Clients of mine have achieved an average of 28% to 35% cost reduction with this technique, and you can too. Keep the money in your pocket with this one!

An arsenal of 43 super-slick results-oriented ideas to promote your business. Apply these clever strategies to see your sales skyrocket. 

Top 4 ways to obtain money for your business and which one of them you should use -- making the wrong choice may cost you dearly.

Your cash position is one factor that can make or break your business. I'll show you techniques to protect yourself from cash crisis situations and what to do if you get into one. This is extremely essential must-know information - ignore it at your own risk.

If you are having problems selling what you're selling, it's probably because you're selling the wrong thing to the wrong folks. Sometimes just a twist or two can shake loose the money like crazy. I'll show you how to shake, jiggle and jolt your money tree.

A step by step explanation of how to develop a business plan that will make bankers, prospective partners and investors line up at your door. Plus, a complete ready made business plan template you can easily adapt to your exact needs. (This material alone is sold elsewhere for $69.95)

Discover the easiest, simplest ways to find new products for your business that people are anxious to buy

How to make money with your new idea or invention. Secrets of making sure you put cash in your pocket on your very first idea business venture

Do you know exactly why people are buying from you? If you don't, you could be missing eighty percent of your potential buyers. The solution? Low cost market research. I'll show you clever, proven methods to get closer to your customers needs and to ensure that they keep coming back for more

What portion of your advertising works and what is a complete waste of money. A simple to implement technique will help you to find out.

How to expand your market. Powerful strategies for growth and expansion

What bank loan officers don't tell you. How to get your loan applications accepted. Traps and mistakes to avoid.

Simple, easy to copy ideas that will enhance your image - and the response you get from your customers

How to hire the right employees. Techniques and strategies to assemble your own winning team. Helps you to always get the right people for the right job

Proven techniques to spur stuff productivity and team spirit - you'll get more done with less resistance, quickly and effectively

How to effectively delegate work and responsibilities. Tactics to squeeze more out of your day with foolproof delegation techniques

Boost your business performance through a management audit. Easy to follow method to give your business a profit checkup. Instantly reveal inherent problems and hidden opportunities

How to effectively present plans and ideas. Easy-to-follow tips and strategies to drive your point home in a powerful way

Common problems in managing a family business - and how to solve them once and for all

Business survival tips. Strategies and techniques to help you in bad times - this can make or break your business

I'll show you an amazingly simple, low cost technique to gather facts about your customers and the people you'd like to have for customers.

What are the secrets behind constructing a results driven marketing plan? I will lead you step by step into developing a marketing plan that will drive your sales through the roof.

Complete, step by step instructions on how to plan and start a new business. This is must-know must-do information; ignore it and you stand a good chance to fail. You get specifically designed instructions for each of the following: a service business, a retail store, a home based business, a manufacturing company, and more.

What are the secrets behind the people who have million dollar home based businesses? I'll give you a 24 tip list proven to turn your home business into a money machine.

How to determine the optimal price points for your products? Are you selling way too cheap? Did you know you could often increase sales by raising your prices? Learn the art of beating your competitors' prices while remaining extremely profitable.

Which media outlet will bring you the best results for the money? Where to spend your limited advertising budget. What NOT to waste money on.

A little known strategy that will double, even triple the effectiveness of your advertising. What you need is a psychological weapon. I'll tell you about one so slick it'll blow your mind.

I'll reveal to you an amazing eight-step selling formula I have learned from one of the top sellers in the country. Just following this simple formula will turn you into a top seller almost overnight. More importantly, you come away with the most comprehensive understanding of the essence of the selling process. This skill alone, which few people possess, is worth a small fortune.

How to write "killer" ad copy that will make orders roll in so fast it will make your head spin.

What direct mail techniques work and which ones flop (you'll be shocked!). Direct mail secrets you can take to the bank.

Complete fill in the blanks template system for crafting a marketing plan that will explode your sales and profits.

How to create a press release that snag free publicity like crazy. You get a step-by-step instructions plus actual samples.

What nobody ever told you about raising venture capital money. Insider secrets of attracting investors, how to best construct your proposal, common mistakes and traps to avoid, and much more.

Having problems collecting money owed to you by customers? Here's how to get what is yours! I'll show you effective collection techniques you can use and mistakes to avoid. 

How to get your employees' full commitment to job performance. Discover the five key factors that determine your employees' commitment and dedication. You may find it hard to believe, but none of them include a raise.

I'll show you exactly how to plan and execute your marketing campaign so that orders come pouring in -- and the logic behind it.

Facing a tough decision? I'll teach you an effective 7-step decision making formula that will help you come to the right decisions. It's easy and really works!

As a business owner you deal with problems and crisis situations on an almost daily basis. As a matter of fact the way you handle such situations can make or break you. I'll show you an effective, easy to implement 9 step strategy that will help you solve any problem like magic.

How to decide on the legal structure of your firm. A revealing look at the pros and cons of a sole proprietorship, a partnership and a corporation and which of these structures is best for you 

Checklist for entering into a partnership. Keeps you from costly mistakes when forming a partnership

How to select a franchise business. A step by step guide to selecting a franchise that is best for you

How to create a results oriented marketing budget. Where to focus your marketing money and energy for maximum profit

Effective (and cost effective) ways to make customers aware of your products and services. Plus, little known strategies that will double, even triple the effectiveness of your advertising

Insider secrets and tips revealed for ensuring your success in a home based business

Financial ratio analysis. Easy to grasp explanations, formulas and ratios that you can apply immediately to make sure your business in on the right track

Where do you go for the financing you'll need? Real options plus tips on which is best for you

Checklist for retaining your profit. A penny saved is a penny earned - simple ways to keep profit up and costs down

How to build employee trust. Powerful strategies to establish your credibility with subordinates

How to use and apply positive discipline measures. clever strategies to handle tricky, frustrating or time-wasting situations with flair, confidence and speed

How to deal with employee grievances. Ignoring them won't make them go away - techniques for handling complaints like a pro. Do's and dont's for smoothing out the waves

How to be a better communicator. Boost your communication skills so your message is always clear and decisive

How to conduct successful meetings the easy way

Planning and goal setting made easy. A wise man once said: "If you're not sure where you are going, you're liable to end up someplace else". Here are the tips and techniques that will help make sure you're always on the right track

How to handle stress the easy way. Eleven sure-fire ways to make the stress in your life work for you instead of against you


There is so much more, I couldn't possibly list it all here. What you have just read is only a small sample of the exciting information you will get when you use the The Small Business Management E-book(SBM).

Can you see yourself becoming totally absorbed by this information, injecting your business with new life, and experiencing a dramatic increase in sales and profits? By now, it's obvious you can.

You need this kind of straight-up information. The Small Business Management E-book is so comprehensive it will blow your mind. This is the mother of all small business reference guides. I've included in it everything I have learned during my 23 year career as a business coach and consultant.

You'll find in MSB dozens of simple to understand guides, worksheets and tip lists that will reduce your learning curve by years. It contains a whopping 220 topics that cover practically every aspect of running a small business.

It's so complete and easy to use...'ll no longer worry about over looking an obvious solution to a situation 

... no longer be forced to turn to expensive outside consultants 

... no more time-wasting and money-draining due to lack of knowledge 

... no longer struggle trying to handle frustrating situations that could have been avoided before they turned into costly problems.

The SBM E-book will teach you scores of tricks, secrets and shortcuts -- and teach them so that you can start using them at once. This program does far more than impart knowledge... it inspire action.

The material included in the E-book is so vast that if put on paper it would take up a six-foot shelf. And it comes complete with an index that makes it easy for you to locate the exact information you need in order to tackle any situation in your business.

It's like having a business consultant at your side 24 hour a day.... at a fraction of the cost.

By the way, my clients and proteges were so impressed with the E-book that they have nicknamed it, "SBB" (short for "Small Business Bible").

Whether you're just getting started or you're on your way to the top, this could be your single most important management tool!

Who I Am and Why I'm Qualified to Give You
the Best Small Business Advice Available

I'm the CEO of, a successful Internet based information business. I'm also the creator of "The Small Business Management E-book" and the author of five books, all in the area of small business management.

I've been involved in small business for the past 23 years of my life, as a business coach, a manager of a consulting firm, a seminar leader and as the owner of five successful businesses.

During my career as a business coach and consultant I've helped dozens of business owners start their businesses, market, expand, get out of troubles, sell their businesses and do practically every other small business activity you can think of.

The E-book presented here contains every tip, trick, technique and strategy I've learned during my 23 year small business career. You practically get my whole brain. 

How the E-book is priced?

This essential E-book is normally priced at $49.97, but...

... as part of a marketing test, it is now free. Yes, you can download this valuable resource now for no cost whatsoever.

Please note that this is a limited time marketing test that is due to end very soon. Once we end the test the price of the E-book is due to go back to it's original price of $49.97.

Click Here To Download The Ebook


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