Average Renters Insurance Cost Per Month | Average Cost Of Renters Insurance

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Average Renters Insurance Cost Per Month - Average Cost Of Renters Insurance

This article covers Average Renters Insurance Cost Per Month Average Renters Insurance Cost Per Month - Average Cost Of Renters Insurance| Average Cost Of Renters Insurance.

For renters, this list is somewhat shorter than for homeowners. It’s still very important though. Things like cabinets without safety latches (if you have small children) and frayed lamp cords are examples of things to look for.

Make sure you know your first aid and CPR, and keep it current.

Things do change from time to time, and memory certainly fades over time. Get certified and keep renewing it. If you have older children watching younger children, make sure to get the older child first aid and CPR certified too!

Your children should know your name, address, and phone number as soon as it’s practical.

People do get separated from one another by accident once in a while, and it’s much easier to be reunited if your child knows your cell phone number.

Know how to get out in various situations.

Buying insurance from a major national insurer will usually get you cheap car insurance quotes, but at the same time, you might be treated like just a number instead of a valued customer. A small insurer that covers your local region will often offer better service and treat you like a truly valuable customer Best Car Insurance Companies because for them, you really are. But keep an eye out for big insurers masquerading as small ones – ask the sales people and do some online research to determine if the “local” company is really just an extension of a major insurer with the same claims practices as the big corporations.

Standard & Poor’s outlines the corporate structure, subsidiaries, and ownership details of most major insurance companies. Use their search tool and simply type the name of the company, but leave out words like “insurance” or “company” from your search terms. Once you’ve found one, scroll down to the “related entities” section. For others not listed by S&P, try searching for companies with AM Best, Fitch Ratings, or Moody’s Investor Services, all of which offer ratings for major companies. If the company you’re researching is too small to be rated with any of these, go to the insurer’s website and read the “About” section, and look for the fine print at the bottom of the website to see if it is listed as a “product line” or subsidiary of a larger company.

Know your fire exits, know alternate exits in the case of an intruder, and make sure your kids know too. Have a meeting place where you can gather in the event something happens.

In areas where it’s possible to get stuck in your home, such as by snow, make sure you have some basic supplies like canned food.

Oh, and with the canned food, make sure you include a can opener. You’d be amazed how many people forget that crucial element!

These are just the basics. If you have a renters insurance safety planning tip you’d like to share for possible inclusion, send it to us here! Renters insurance is an important part of planning for the worst, but you also need to be sure that you’ve planned for things renters insurance may not cover, like being stuck in your home by snow! Damage from the weight of snow and ice is a covered peril, but being stuck at home is not. Keep yourself prepared!

Take an inventory. Documenting what you have and estimating the replacement cost helps determine how much coverage you need.

Choose replacement value. Personal items depreciate fast, and you’ll generally have to buy new items. For a few extra dollars make sure you get “replacement value” not “actual value”.

Take advantage of discounts. You can get a discount on your auto policy when you get your renters policy from the same company. Having a fire safety or security system may also provide discounts.

Review limitations. If considering options, understand what is and isn’t covered for a proper comparison. We recommend at least $500,000 in liability coverage. Be sure you can afford the deductible you choose.

Get medical payments protection. This is really important if someone is injured at your home and needs to go to the emergency room. This is “no-fault” coverage and pays out without having to go to court to determine fault. It can avoid a messy situation if a friend is injured at your home, and help maintain your friendships with no hard feelings.

The standard renters insurance policy pays for damage to or loss of the property in your apartment. Some common scenarios might include accidental damage to your property, destruction of your property in a fire or theft of your belongings. In some circumstances, renters insurance will also cover your liability to other people.


One policy can include several types of coverage.

Some car insurance coverages are required by your state’s law, like liability, and others are optional and provide added protection. Optional means by law you don’t have to buy the coverage, however, if you have a lease or loan on your vehicle your financing company can mandate you carry certain coverages, namely collision and comprehensive. Car Insurance How It Works When shopping for affordable car insurance it’s prudent that you know what coverages you want to get the best policy for your specific situation. First, be aware that liability coverage limits are expressed as three numbers, for example 25/50/25. These limits are per accident and provide bodily injury liability up to $25,000 per person injured, up to $50,000 of coverage for all injuries, and up to $25,000 for property damage. Limits of at least 100/300/50 are recommended as medical bills and values of cars are on the rise.

Collision and comprehensive are physical damage coverages that protect your vehicle. They are typically paired together. You don’t choose a maximum limit for these coverages; it’s assigned by your insurer as the fair market value at the time of any accident that would find your car a total loss. Both collision and comp claim payments are reduced by the amount of your chosen deductible. See below for more detailed information plus descriptions of other types of car insurance:

For example, if someone who doesn't live with you is injured in your apartment, the typical renters insurance policy will cover their medical expenses. In addition, renters insurance can cover your liability to non-residents injured in your apartment, and even pick up your legal expenses in connection with that liability.

In certain circumstances, you’ll need a specific rider that may mean some additional expense. For example, in some areas you may pay more for renters insurance if you own a breed of dog that’s considered dangerous.

Isn't the Landlord Responsible for Property Damage?

Generally, no. For example, if your apartment is destroyed by fire, your landlord’s insurance will cover damage to the building, but not to your possessions. Most leases make this explicit and suggest that you obtain renters insurance to protect your personal belongings. If you choose not to obtain renter’s insurance and such an event occurs, you typically cannot expect to recover anything for your losses.

If you experience an event like a break-in or a fire, the stress and disruption will be significant enough without worrying about how you’re going to replace your furniture, clothing and other necessities. A renters insurance policy is an inexpensive way to protect yourself against loss of your possessions. However, it’s important to do your homework and be certain that you understand exactly what a particular renters insurance policy does and does not cover. Shop around!

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