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SEO: Link Building Strategies

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SEO: Link Building Strategies

Search rankings for a specific keyword are primarily driven by the backlinks to your website. But not all backlinks are treated equally. The more powerful a back link is, the more "juice" it flows into your website.

And the more "link juice" that flows into your website, the higher your website ranks in search results. So both quantity and quality of back links are important in ranking higher in search results.

Getting external links (links on other websites pointing to your site), is the single most critical factor for attaining high rankings and consequently making money online.

Your link building activities are what will make or break your online business. On one hand, when done right, it can blast your pages to the top of Google - on the other hand, even a small mistake can drop your pages into the Google abyss.

Too many links containing the exact same anchor text - Boom, Busted!
Too many links from low quality sites - Boom, Busted!
Too many links coming from just one genre (e.g. only from directories) - Boom, Busted!
Too many links coming from non relevant pages - Boom, Busted!
You get the picture...

That is why I strongly encourage you to acquire every piece of link building knowledge you can lay your hands on. Sorry pal, there is no way around it. if you wish to succeed in internet marketing you must know link building. Even if you are planning to outsource your link building tasks, you should be able to supervise everything that is done for you, and you should ask that they get your approval in advance for all the details of each linking campaign they run for you.

Listen to what happened to me once...
One of my sites had a page that was ranked #6 on the first page of Google's search results for a very competitive term for a couple of years. This page was earning me a nice sum of money day in and day out. One day I decided to try to improve its ranking, I contracted a firm from the Philippines to do a small manual linking campaign for this page. This firm came highly appraised on the forums and the people there were nice and seem knowledgeable. At that time I was busy with a big project and also a bit out of laziness I neglected to ask for a preapproval. To make a long story short, one month and 400 Dollars later my page sank to the fourth page of the Google SERPs.

Now there are two morals to the story:

First, don't count on anyone to do a link building job for you without your approval, in advance, of any small detail of it.

Second, If you have a money producing page ranked anywhere on the first page of Google - don't mess with it!

If you are curious as to what went wrong with this campaign. In the postmortem I discovered that they created too many backlinks with the exact keyword as the link text - and this is something that Google does not like.

Now, the best link building knowledge source that I know of is the Link Building Course. I strongly encourage you to buy their course. It's a bit pricey but it is well worth the price. Look at it this way, each mistake that is not being avoided due to lack of knowledge can cost you many many times more than the price of this course.

OK, now we are ready to delve into actual linking strategies. For the external linking structure I'm going to teach you the most effective most powerful linking strategy there is, called "Tiered Linking".

With Tiered Linking you build 3 tiers of links, the links in tier 1 points to your money page, tier 2 points to tier 1 and tier 3 points to tier 2. Basically you are building backlinks to your backlinks. This structure gives your first tier of backlinks more strength and authority. Over time your tier 1 backlinks will gain page rank and that link juice gets passed directly onto your site. It creates a knock on effect passing huge volumes of link juice and authority all the way down the chain to your site. Another advantage of this structure is that it gives search engine spiders thousands of paths and opportunities to land on your site which will further increase rankings.

Here's a diagram that gives you a representation of the Tiered Linking structure:
Tiered Linking
Now let's start with the process of building links for tier 1, these links point directly to your money site.

The links for tier 1 should be created manually and gradually. This means it should be done by you or outsourced to a firm that does manual linking - no automatic software at this phase. It should be spread gradually over two months, faster than that can trigger Google's penalty algos. You can’t speed up stuff like building tier 1 links, or else you’re going to get penalized.

If you don't have the time or the inclination to do the manual link building yourself, you can outsource it. This is what I'm doing. Manual link building is a tedious task so I usually hire someone else to do it for me. A good and reliable manual link building service that you can hire is Rank Crew. I highly recommend them.

While building tier 1 you need to vary the anchor text as much as possible since Google discount too many instances of exact match anchor text. Follow these guidelines for the link text (anchor text) of your back links:

10% main keyword exact match (e.g.: "main keyword") and variation of main keyword (e.g.: "best main keyword resource").

10% your brand name.

70% generic anchor text (e.g.: "click here, here, clicking here, good resource, see this, have a look").

10% URL of the page as the link text (e.g.: "" or "" or "http//").

Now to the actual link building. I can't teach you here all the aspects of doing basic linking, this is beyond the scope of this topic. You should be able to find plenty of resources for that online, or better off, buy the Link Building Course, this is the best resource of linking knowledge that I know of.

I will however give you some basic guidelines, point you to the right directions and provide you with a list of sites that can feature links pointing to your site.

Important Note: before you create backlinks with any site, make sure they are not adding the NoFollow tag to their links - do not create tier 1 links with sites that NoFollow their links.

Now here's a list of site's categories where you may build links for your tier 1:

Web 2.0's - great for creating mini sites with articles and videos that link back to your main site. You can use spun articles for the content. Here's where The Best spinner will come handy. You can use articles that are spun to 50%. Create 10 blogs here and post to them with your link embedded. Make sure the topics are relevant to your keywords, this is important.

Here's a sample of sites in this category (find more in the appendix):

Social Bookmarking - get your site bookmarked! 30 bookmarks will do it.
Here's a sample of sites in this category:

Directories - web directories are a great source for links - strive for about 40 quality directory links submissions. Seems tedious? there is an excellent tool that can help you with this task. It will make creating manual links from directories a breath. I strongly recommend that you use it: DeepLinkerPro It allows you to use varied anchor text and also to drip feed the submissions over time to make it all look as natural as possible.
Here's a sample of sites in this category:  

Blog Directories - If you have a blog get it listed on these sites.
Here's a sample of sites in this category:  

Quality Article Directories - You can use spun articles for submission to these directories. Note that the better directories will review your articles before accepting to their site, so make sure they are grammatically correct and make sense. Submit to 30 directories here.
Here's a sample of sites in this category:

Video - create some videos and submit to video sites. You can find at folks that will create a nice video for you for 5 bucks a piece. 3 or 4 video submissions will do for this category.
Here's a sample of sites in this category:

RSS Directories - Create a RSS feed and submit to these sites. Submit to 30 directories here.
Here's a sample of sites in this category:

Doc Sharing - Submit a PDF file or a PowerPoint presentation here.
Here's a sample of sites in this category:

Press Releases - a good source for backlinks and news coverage - most of them cost money though.
Here's a sample of sites in this category:

Blog Guest Posting - guest blogging is a powerful link building strategy, however, it’s a time-consuming pain in the butt! This can boost your rankings.

Link Favors - ask friends, Acquaintances and family to place links pointing from their sites to yours.

Creating links for tier 2 and tier 3

Once you have all your tier 1 links set it is time to start building your tier 2 and tier 3 links.

While with tier 1 we were careful to create our links manually in order for them to appear as "natural" as possible, with tiers 2 and 3 we can let the quality slip a bit and increase the overall quantity of links that we build.

We still want our links to be contextual and relevant, but we can now use auto generated content on a second tier without a problem. We can worry a lot less about the overall authority and page rank of the domains we are building links from as we start to move the focus away from quality and towards quantity.

For tiers 2 and 3 we are going to leave the "manual" path and move to the "automatic" path. We are going to use a tool that will generate all our tiers 2 and 3 automatically. The best tool for this task is Senuke. This is the tool that most successful Internet marketers use.

Senuke is a very powerful backlinking tool which has been designed to assist with the time consuming task of creating a large number of links. I'm not going to describe here how Senuke works as they have videos on their site that describe it better than me. What I can tell you is that with Senuke you can create tired link structures. As much as Senuke is powerful it is very easy to operate, creating tiered links is as easy as moving images on a screen - you need to see it to believe, just go to their site and watch the video. Now, what you do with Senuke is create a 2 tiered structure. It looks like a pyramid - one tier points to another tire that points to one of your tier 1 links - you need to build a different structure for each of your tier 1 links. Use their schedule feature to spread it over time.

Some say that it is safe to also use Senuke for creating the tier 1 links. They may be right, however being the cautious guy that I am, I am not yet ready to test this Hypothesis. I would stick with using only manual methods for the tier 1 links and I strongly advise you to do the same.

In addition to Senuke I would call for the use of yet another powerful tool called Backlink Booster. Backlink Booster automatically increases the power of the backlinks to your website. It's both a backlink indexer aiming to get your backlinks indexed faster, and also a backlink booster to help boost the amount of link juice each of your backlinks sends to your website (use it on your tier 1 backlinks).

Now, if we have Senuke why would we also need Backlink Booster? The fact is that many of the backlinks you are building are never found by Google thus seriously diminishing your linking efforts. What Backlink Booster does is it builds backlinks to your backlinks in a way that all of those backlinks that Google didn’t find, are now found by Google. This not just help Google discover all of your backlinks, it also "boost" them so that now more link juice gets passed to your site thus the authority they all possess is multiplied, which flows through to your website! So the end result is more, stronger backlinks!

My tests show that operating Backlink Booster in addition to Senuke creates a strong synergetic effect that translates in a much better Google rankings. It's the one-two punch that will get you that elusive Unfair Advantage.

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