Free Money from the Government

Complete Guide to Free Government Grants

Get Free Money From the Government


1. Here's What's Available to You Courtesy of The US Government

Each day over one million Dollars in free government  grants  is given away to people just like you for a wide variety of business and personal needs.

In this guide I'll tell you exactly HOW & WHERE to get grants. This money has to be given away, WHY not to YOU?
You may be thinking, "How can I get some of this Free Grants Money".

Maybe you think it's impossible to get free money?
Let me tell you it's not impossible! It's a fact, ordinary people and businesses all across the United States are receiving millions of dollars from these Government and Private Foundation's every day. 

Who can apply?

ANYONE can apply for a Grant from 18 years old and up!
Grants from $500.00 to $50,000.00 are possible! GRANTS don't have to be paid back, EVER! Claim your slice of the FREE American Pie.

This money is not a loan, Trying to get money through a conventional bank can be very time consuming and requires a lot of paperwork, only to find out that you've been denied. These Government Agencies don't have to operate under the same stringent requirements that banks do.

You decide how much money you need, as long as it's a lawful amount and meets with the Government Agencies criteria, the money is yours to keep and never has to be repaid. This money is non taxable & interest free.

None of these programs require a credit check, collateral, security deposits or co-signers, you can apply even if you have a bankruptcy or bad credit, it doesn't matter, you as a tax payer and U.S. citizen are entitled to this money.

There are currently over 2,000 Federal Programs, 24,000 State Programs, 30,000 Private Foundations and 20,000 Scholarship Programs available.

This year over $30 Billion Dollars In Free Government Grants Money will be given away by Government Grants Agencies.
With an economy that remains unpredictable, and a need for even greater economic development on all fronts, the federal government is more willing than it ever has been before to give you the money you need to.

In spite of the perception that people should not look to the government for help, the great government give-away programs have remained so incredibly huge.

Most people never apply for a free grant because they somehow feel it isn't for them, feel there's too much red-tape, or simply don't know who to contact.  The fact is, however, that people from all walks of life do receive free grant money and other benefits from the government, and you should also.

How to Find funding Sources Worth Billions

As with all grant seeking, the key to obtaining grants is preparation and a knowledge about funding sources.  Preparation means identifying programs that are available, and then determining if you fall within their restrictions.

This book will point you to sources that will be invaluable to you in locating thousands of sources of free money!

As you contact different agencies for grant money, learn not to accept "no" as a final answer.  There are so many new programs being offered each year that often an agency's own employees won't be aware they are offering the one you ask about.  If being persistent doesn't help, get in touch with your congressman and let them track down a program that meets your needs.





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