Free Money From the Government

Complete Guide to Free Government Grants

Get Free Money From the Government


2. How to Locate Government Grants That Fits Your Specific Needs and Situation

The best way to locate government benefits that fit your needs and wants is to use the following online tool. Once you answer all the required questions it will provide you with a list of government benefits that you are qualified for. Access this tool here:

Here's another useful tool for locating free government money sources. The following online catalog describes all federal government grant and assistance programs - including grants for personal needs (a total of more than 2000 programs). It contains information on all financial and non-financial assistance programs administered by the departments and establishments of the Federal government. Use the search feature to look for areas that interest you:

Click here to access the list of programs

Once you located one or more benefits that you are interested in and are qualified for, write down their Funding Opportunity Numbers (FON), you'll need it for the next step, the application submission.




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