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Short Stories About Success: Let Go

Let Go

The following is a very meaningful story which is called "Let Go", and written by Dr. Billy Graham.

A little child was playing one day with a very valuable vase. He put his hand into it and could not withdraw it. His father too, tried his best, but all in vain. They were thinking of breaking the vase when the father said, "Now, my son, make one more try. Open your hand and hold your fingers out straight as you see me doing, and then pull."

To their astonishment the little fellow said, "O no, father. I couldn't put my fingers out like that, because if I did I would drop my penny."

Smile, if you will--but thousands of us are like that little boy, so busy holding on to the world's worthless penny that we cannot accept liberation. I beg you to drop the trifle in your heart. Surrender! Let Go!.

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You are Wonderful

The following true story captured our heart. It happened several years ago in the Paris opera house. A famous singer had been contracted to sing, and ticket sales were booming. In fact, the night of the concert found the house packed and every ticket sold. The feeling of anticipation and excitement was in the air as the house manager took the stage and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your enthusiastic support. I am afraid that due to illness, the man whom you've all come to hear will not be performing tonight. However, we have found a suitable substitute we hope will provide you with comparable entertainment." The crowd groaned in disappointment and failed to hear the announcer mention the stand-in's name. The environment turned from excitement to frustration.

The stand-in performer gave the performance everything he had. When he had finished, there was nothing but an uncomfortable silence. No one applauded. Suddenly, from the balcony, a little boy stood up and shouted, "Daddy, I think you are wonderful!" The crowd broke into thunderous applause.

We all need people in our Lives who are willing to stand up once in a while and say, "I think you are wonderful. " 

(inspirational stories of success | short stories about happiness.)

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Inspiring Stories (Quotes)

Great minds must be ready not only to take the opportunities, but to make them

C.C. Colton

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance

Samuel Johnson

Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy

Robert Half

He who wants milk should not sit himself in the middle of a pasture waiting for a cow to back up to him


Hitch your wagon to a star

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hold fast to your dreams, for if dreams die, then life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly

Langston Hughes

How wonderful it is to say the right thing at the right time. A good man thinks before he speaks; the evil man pour out his evil words without a thought

Proverbs 15:23,28

I’ve got to follow them; I am their leader


I always prefer to believe the best of everybody; it saves so much trouble

Rudyard Kipling

I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it

Stephen Leacock

I can give you a six-word formula for success: "Think things through - then follow through."

Edward Rickenbacker

I can live for two months on one good compliment

Mark Twain

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