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Quotes Of Wisdom: How To Love Yourself

How To Love Yourself

Stop All Criticism - Criticism never changes a thing. Refuse to criticize yourself. Accept yourself exactly as you are. Everybody changes. When you criticize yourself, your changes are negative. When you approve of yourself, your changes are positive.

Don't Scare Yourself - Stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts. It's a dreadful way to live. Find a mental image that gives you pleasure (mine is yellow roses), and immediately switch your scary thought to a pleasure thought.

Be Gentle And Kind And Patient - Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself as you learn the new ways of thinking. Treat yourself as you would someone you really loved.

Be Kind To Your Mind - Self hatred is only hating your own thoughts. Don't hate yourself for having the thoughts. Gently change your thoughts.

Praise Yourself - Criticism breaks down the inner spirit. Praise builds it up. Praise yourself as much as you can. Tell yourself how well you are doing with every little thing.

Support Yourself - Find ways to support yourself. Reach out to friends and allow them to help you. It is being strong to ask for help when you need it.

Be Loving To Your Negatives - Acknowledge that you created them to fulfill a need. Now, you are finding new, positive ways to fulfill those needs. So, lovingly release the old negative patterns.

Take Care Of Your Body - Learn about nutrition. What kind of fuel does your body need to have optimum energy and vitality? Learn about exercise. What kind of exercise can you enjoy? Cherish and revere the temple you live in.

Mirror Work - Look into your eyes often. Express this growing sense of love you have for yourself. Forgive yourself looking into the mirror. Talk to your parents looking into the mirror. Forgive them too. At least once a day say: "I love you, I really love you."

Love Yourself ...
Do It Now - Don't wait until you get well, or lose the weight, or get the new job, or the new relationship. Begin now -- and do the best you can.

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Quotes Of Wisdom

If you set the right example, you won’t need to worry about the rules


If you think too much and fail to take action, fear makes its home within you


If you want a place in the sun, you have to put up with a few blisters

Abigail Van Buren

If you want to get the best out of man, you must look for the best that is in him

Bernard Haldane

Imagination disposes of everything; it creates beauty, justice, and happiness, which is everything in the world

Blaise Pascal

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein

In any group of people, a small fraction will be leaders, a larger fraction will be followers, and a substantial proportion just won’t want to get involved


In great attempts it is glorious even to fail

Cassiu Longinus

In order for a goal to be effective, it must effect change


Inspiration and imagination go hand in hand


It’s always wise to raise questions about the most obvious and simple assumption

C. West Churchman

It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost things that money can’t buy

George Horace Lorimer

It’s not where you are today that counts. It’s where you are headed

Arthur F. Lenehan

It is better to ask some of the questions than know all the answers

James Thurber

It is better to choose what you say than say what you choose


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