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Small Business Plan PDF Ideas - Free Start-Up Business Guides

Here are business plan PDF for different businesses. Feel free to download and use any of the following guides free of charge with our compliments.

You'll find here a large variety of businesses you can start, spanning a range of industries, customer segments and initial funding needs. All are within reach for those with a healthy supply of common sense and determination. And, yes, luck always helps.

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Say that you are the type who is starting new small business. You have given attention to the overall chances for success, and have chosen the new business you wish to establish.

What practical problems will you face in starting the business? How much money will you need for starting new small business? Where can you obtain it? What form of business organization will you have? Where should you locate the business?

Cash Planning

The first question you want to answer is: How much money will I need? But this question can't be answered until several other questions are answered and several decisions are made.

To decide how much money is needed to start a business, enter all of your potential income and all of your planned expenses on a work sheet or form.

Even though you may feel that this kind of planning is more than you need to start a simple small business it is useful to get started with this approach to management which puts figures down in black and white. You will find the same approach valuable in an established business.

First, estimate your sales volume. This will depend on the total amount of business in the area, the number and ability of competitors now sharing that business, and your own capability to compete for the consumer's dollar. Obtain assistance in making your sales estimate from wholesalers, trade associations, your banker, and other business-people. Several business and statistical publications may be useful in making sales volume estimates.

In reaching your final estimate of sales do not be over-enthusiastic. A new business generally grows slowly at the start. If you overestimate sales you are likely to invest too much in equipment and initial inventory, and commit yourself to heavier operating expenses than your actual sales volume will justify. Since you are just starting up you might have no sales for the first few months. At any rate you can expect your first few months to be very low.

You must also determine what proportion of your sales will be cash and what proportion will be sold on credit. If you estimate that a certain portion of the sales will be on credit then you must figure when you are going to get the money for these sales. One month? Two months? More? Never?

Next, in our guide to starting new small business, estimate how much cash will be paid out. Remember that in starting a business you may be purchasing equipment, paying fees and licenses, making deposits on lease, utilities and so on, several months before you open the door. Some of these expenses are easy to estimate. If you have decided to lease a building (more about that later) then you know what your deposits will be and how much you will have to pay out each month. You can probably get the cost of fees, licenses and utility deposits with a few telephone calls.

Other expense figures may take a little more work to get. One way is to obtain typical operating ratios for the kind of business in which you are interested. Among the sources for such ratios are Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., trade associations, publishers of trade magazines, specialized accounting firms, industrial companies, and colleges and universities. The typical ratios for your type of business multiplied by your estimated sales volume will serve as bench marks for estimating the various items of expense. However, do not rely exclusively on this method for estimating each expense item. Verify and modify these estimates through investigation and quotations in the particular market area where you plan to operate.

Don't forget to pay yourself too. You may need money to live on if you have to quit your job. If your spouse is working and can support the family for a while you may not have to withdraw money from the business. The longer you can go without taking money out, the quicker you will build up a strong cash position. Now that you have estimated your cash receipts and expenses, write down the amount of cash you will put into the business to start. This goes on line 1 in the example below. Next, add lines 1 and 2 for the first month to get line 3. Then add up all of the expenses to get line 5. Subtract line 5 from line 3 to get line 6. This cash at the end of month 1 then goes to line 1 for the beginning of the next month, and so on.

If you continue this for the entire year, very soon you will find you have negative numbers or a negative cash flow. About this time you will also realize that you should be working on this form with a pencil that has a good eraser.

Getting the Money Needed to Starting a New Small Business

Now that you have computed your initial capital requirements, where will you get the money? The first source is your personal savings. Then relatives, friends, or other individuals may be found who are willing to "venture" their savings in your business. Before obtaining too large a share of money from outside sources, remember you should have personal control of enough to assure yourself ownership.

Once you can show that you have carefully worked out your financial requirements and can demonstrate experience and integrity, a lending institution may be willing to finance part of your operating needs. This may be done on a short term basis of from 60 days to as much as one year. Any institution that has money to lend is primarily concerned with security. The security may be a business asset, but when you're just starting the best security is usually your home or some other personal asset.

The second thing the lender will want to see is some sort of business plan. If you complete a business plan - which includes a cash flow forecast - the lender will see that you have done some serious and realistic thinking about your business and be more likely to consider your request.

Become acquainted with your banker. In selecting a banker consider progressiveness, attitude toward your business, credit services offered, and the size and management policies of the bank. Is the bank progressive? The physical appearance of the bank may give you some indication. When the employees are reasonably young, interested in your problems and active in civic affairs the bank is likely to be progressive. The character of the bank's advertising may also be a clue to its progressiveness.

To be effective the banker should be interested in helping you to become a better manager, and build a continuing relationship that will mean profitable business for you and the bank over the years.

Will the bank offer you the kind of credit you need? For example, if seasonal accumulations of inventory become a problem will the bank make a loan against public or field warehouse receipts? If your capital is tied up in accounts receivable during your heavy selling season, will the bank take these receivables as security for a loan? Will the bank consider a term loan?

Finally, know the size and management policies of the bank. Will your maximum requirements fall well within the bank's "legal limit"? If you plan to do some export business, does it have a foreign exchange department? If you or your dealers sell on installment terms does the bank have facilities for handling installment paper? How deeply is the bank concerned with the growth and prosperity of your local community?

When you deal with your banker, sell yourself. Whether or not you need a bank loan, make it a practice to visit your banker at least once a year. Openly discuss your plans and difficulties. It is the bank's business not to betray a confidence. If you need financial assistance carefully prepare, in written form, complete information that will present a thorough understanding of your entire proposition. Many business-people or prospective business operators destroy their chances of obtaining financial help by failing to present their proposition properly. Remember, before a banker will make a loan he/she must have satisfactory answers to questions such as these:

1. What sort of person are you?

2. What will you do with the money?

3. When and how do you plan to pay it back?

4. Does the amount requested allow for unexpected developments?

5. What is the outlook for you, for your line of business, and for business in general?

Trade creditor or equipment manufacturer, Companies from which you buy equipment or merchandise may also furnish capital to you in the form of extended credit. Manufacturers of store fixtures, cash registers, and industrial machinery frequently have financing plans under which you may buy on an installment basis and pay out of future income. You need not pay for the goods at once. If goods are for resale, no security other than repossession rights of the unsold goods is involved. However, too extended a use of credit may prove expensive. Usually cash discounts are quoted if a bill is paid within 10, 30, or 60 days. For example, a term of sale quoted as "2-10; net 30 days" means that a cash discount of 2 percent will be granted if the bill is paid within 10 days. If not paid in 10 days, the entire amount is due in 30 days. If you do not take advantage of the cash discount, you are paying 2 percent to use money for 20 days, or 36 percent per year. This is high interest. Avoid it.

One of the principal causes of failures among businesses is inadequate financing. If you do go into business, remember it is your responsibility to provide, or obtain from others, sufficient money to supply a firm foundation for your enterprise.

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